Gemma says

really have an amazing Management team behind me!!! I am soooo thankful and grateful xxxxx Gemma

Sarah says

I am writing in relation to the workshop I attended with you last Sunday. I very much enjoyed the day and found your guidance, hints and tips extremely useful. Sarah Performing Arts University Lecturer

George says

Hi Tina,
Just wanted to say thanks for finding some people the other day at such short notice. They worked brilliant in the music video! I will be sure to let you know when I'm casting for a new project!
Many thanks,

Steve says

Hi Tina

Thanks to Nick, Liam and yourself for coming down today. You are a lovely family and really kind people. Liam, you were fantastic. Your attitude and enthusiasm reminds me why we all do this and it's inspiring so thank you for coming!

We would like Liam to be on set. We can arrange something I am sure and will be in touch, but (Liam - Well done today matey).

Thank you all again.


Steve says

Hi Tina

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done. We have had so many people apply.

Due to this we have to stop asking people to apply as there are no more audition times left :D. Which is absolutely fantastic. We will be having two days of auditions at Holiday Inn hotel and I am really excited about it.

Thank you again for everything.


Sally says

Hi Tina!

It was really great meeting you too. I really appreciated all the knowledge and advice you had to offer. You really do seem to be one of the more trustworthy agencies I've come across in this industry.
I shall get on that tomorrow and let you know when I have done so. Really looking forward to speaking to you again.

Diolch yn fawr


Sheng-Chien says

Dear Tina, Thank you so much for helping me to get so many jobs! I'm grateful very very! Many thanks! Sincerely Sheng-Chien

Gomolemo says

Thank you so much for contacting me to meet Tina & Nick. The information and tips they gave were invaluable. Great benefit and so much honesty. So I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Have a super afternoon. Gomolemo

Errol says

Hello Tina,
Thank you very much which I have enjoy attending the BDISCOVERED Workshop in Cardiff,Wales on Saturday March 26,2016.It was very well organised also lovely meeting with you,Nick and Liam.Sorry I have to leave a few minutes early to catch the coach return journey to London and looking forward working with BDISCOVERED.
Best Wishes

Susanna says

Hi Tina, what a lovely informative day, I wish I had stated in Cardiff over night and came back today I would have loved to stayed till the end of the work shop.
But it I enjoyed every bit and next time I will stay over so I am not rushing, its been an eye opener.
My thanks to yourself Nick and Kirk.
Many blessings love light and peace

Lucy says

It was a great experience being part of this Krav Maga stage combat training with Gareth in Cardiff. Handy to know tactical techniques which translates fluidly onto screen performances. Perfect for anyone that wants to sharpen any skills for upcoming roles, auditions & self defence knowledge. Wonderful investment in my career, would be great if this could be in London as many of the other training Actors were London based.

Sen says

I'm driving back down to London now having just left the The Holiday Inn. I just want to thank you all for a wonderful afternoon. I really didn't know what to expect from the day and as I said earlier, I was feeling a little unwell and was in two minds whether to turn up today and arrange it for another day. However, I am ever so glad that I came today and it was wonderful to meet you. You guys made the day fantastic. You are very open, warm and friendly and you really do you know your stuff. I am very impressed. I hope that our friendship continues and that, in terms of our professional standing also goes on from strength to strength. Once again thank you ever so much. Sen

Pauline says

So sorry I had to leave early! Nanny duties! Such an informative course! Really enjoyed it and can't wait to hear back from you. Really opened my eyes to a lot of things in the business sector. Everyone so lovely and organised fantastically. Was a privilege. Thank you. Pauline. X

Emaly says

heya tina i just wanted to let you know i have recieved my show reel. i am so pleased with it. thankyou so much!! i have uploaded it onto casting networks. i couldnt be happier with it. xx

Ellen says

Thanks for an amazing and eye opening work shop. It was thorough and well research. Really enjoyed being there and i look forward to working with B-discovered team.


Matt says

I have just finished a fantastic day's shooting photos and a showreel with Bdiscovered. Thanks so much to the family for your perfect balance of professionalism and humanness.
And such a wonderful location overlooking the water!
Thanks as well for the great empathy and understanding of my individual sensitivities ~I'm very impressed. Matt

Jess says

There is FAR too many great pictures to choose from in this batch Tina! As long as you dont mind picking from them yourself all should be good as i have 150 chosen so far and 200 more to go through! Would just like to thank you, nick and crew again for giving me such a wonderful experience and look forward to working together with you in the future! x

Zara says

Hi Tina I had an amazing time yesterday the pics are amazing! How many is it I have to choose? X

Zoe says

Thank you so much for this wonderful huge opportunity, I'm forever grateful! X

Luke says

The meeting was great! Very positive and I very much look forward to working with all of you guys don't really have a bad word to say if I'm honest. I also must say that the way the workshops have been structured is fantastic I've never had anything like that before so thank you!. I think I speak on behalf of my mum as well that we look forward to coming back to Cardiff. Kind Regards, Luke

Kelly says

Hi Tina. Just wanted to say thankyou to you and Nick once again for the amazing experiance today. I enjoyed every second of it and cant wait to look at the photos. I also wanted to let you know I am back in Redhill safe and sound. Thank you again and looking forwards to progressing in the future alongside Bediscovered xx

Ian says

Hi Tina. Just thought I'd let you know that where all home. It didn't take too long and was a good journey. Thank you both for today. I really enjoyed and look forward a lot more in the future and progressing. Ian

Ellie says

Hi just thought id send a quick message to say I had a brill day yesterday
and Thank you to the team. Ellie

Sophia says

Hi sorry I had to go so soon as I was really enjoying being there
Looking forward to hearing and hopefully working with u.
Regards Sophia

Paul says

Thanks for the workshop. Really enjoyed being there yesterday and looking
forward to working with you all at Bdiscovered.

Ellie says

Hi Tina just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing day, iv woke up
with a right buzz! cannot wait to see the pictures 🙂 take care.
Ellie x

Christiana says

Hi Tina, it was a lovely workshop today, really inspirational and I opened
up about myself which I rarely do! Please give my love and regards to tina,
nick and liam, they are amazing people and I'm so happy to start my career
with an incredible team! Christiana

Tracy says

Hi Tina, we,ve just arrived home safely ! Long journey home ! But Thankyou for a lovely day ! We loved it ! Thankyou for making it lovely ! U r a very lovely family and caring ! And thankyou for all the drinks ! we will b defo spreading the word how wonderful u are ! Fab ! can't thankyou enough ! Looking forward in seeing our jasmins photos ! Words can not explain how brill u treated us today ! Pity the world as not got more of u in it ! U made our jas feel relaxed ! And more confidence ! Thankyou so much ! Take care. Xxx

Matthew says

hi tina im back home now thank you for today i had a fun day look forward to
all the work tb matthew

Morgaen says

Got home safe, thanks for a brilliant day. Really appreciate it.
Xx Morgaen

Holly says

Hi Tina. Sorry I didn't text you last night. But I had a great day yesterday
and thank you for an amazing experience. Can you remind me what I have to do
on the spotlight website please. Xx

Linda says

Hi tina we have just arrived home now thankyou for today it was amazing
loved every second of it and learnt alot to thankyou faye and linda x

April says

Hey, I've just got in the car from the train station 🙂 Thanks for a great
day! I had a really good time and feel 10X lighter after it 🙂 so thanks 🙂
See you soon April xx

Sean says

Hello Fleur,
Really enjoyed the course! I feel it has made a positive difference. Thanks

Lucy says

Hi Fleur, Just wanted to say thanks for today really enjoyed it. Hope to here from you soon.

Katie says

Hi Fleur, just wanted to thank you Tina and all the team for
today, learnt a lot and has given me an excellent idea of how to proceed
next to get my foot in the door! Looking forward to hearing more from
BDiscovered over the next few days 🙂 xx

George says

Today was such a good day I learned so much and everyone was
lovely. Thank you so much. Tell Tina I said thank you to.

Charles says

Back safe thank u for today again was a real pleasure and experience

Sean says

Hi Fleur. I hope your well.
Just a big thank you for yesterday. A very interesting and informative day,
I really did learn a lot. Many Thanks to you and the team 😀 Sean

Dulcie says

Hi Tina just a quick thank you for yesterday I had a really lovely day and
everyone was so helpful! I hope you have a great week xxx Dulcie

Aidan says

Hi Fleur, we all very much enjoyed the workshop, thank you for your help, we're on our 4 hour drive back to Doncaster now 🙂

Belinda says

Hello good morning I would like to say thanks for yesterday and im back in london I really enjoyed the workshop.

Lesley says

Hiya! Lesley here! Just wanted to drop a line to say a big 'thank you' to you all for Yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and found it most informative. Please pass on my thanks to Tina, Nick and Liam, and 'thank you' to you for the superb organisation. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards x

Tony says

We must be thinking along the same wavelength, as u was just putting a
reminder in to my calendar as your message arrived.
I had a really great day with you, thank you, and I'm really feel quite
buoyed moving forward knowing I'm not on this journey all alone. Rest
assured no fear here of this fire fizzling out.

Thank you all again.

Tony x

Sheila says

Just got home, thanks again for today I had loads of fun! Good night and
speak soon x

Nathan says

Thanks for an awesome day, really enjoyed it and am happy with where I am
at, just find me some opportunities and I'll absolutely smash them, feel
free to send me list of things to make me heal and all that! Let me know
what you need from me and what not. Again big thank you to you and the team
🙂 take care

Kerri-Anne says

Hi Tina, just got in, all safe and sound 🙂 thank you for an amazing day,
and mum said thank you for making her so welcome 🙂 Kerri-Anne x

Ben says

Thank you for everything and the session on Saturday was fantastic!
Very informative

Niki says

Hello. Sorry it's late but just to let you know we are home now 🙂 thank you
both so so much for everything today! It was just incredible. Lots of love
Niki and Rob xxxxx

Tomide says

Hi there I've recieved the cd really happy with the
photos. Tomide

Zorah says

Wanted to say thank you! Yesterday was one of the most positive fun and
fulfilling experiences of my life! You both are amazing. I feel blessed to
be apart of your team. BTW your house is amazing! Xxxx

Emma says

Hi Tina, home, an children collected.. Thanks for a smashing day I hope
your pleased with my work... I have loved it!!! Hope to work with you again
soon. Xxxx Emma

Yaa says

Ok Tina, it was lovely meeting today and i know my dream is in your hands, i am prepared to go by your directions and together we will get there. I will be waiting. Yaa X

Lena says

Hi Tina. I'm on the coach back now. Thank you so much for such a lovely day. I can't wait to see the photos, I'll let you know the numbers tomorrow. Such a pleasure working with you, I'm looking forward to the future. Have a great evening and I'll speak to you soon! Lena xx

Allyson says

Hello. Just wanted to say Ellena enjoyed her time with you on weds. We had a quick peek at the pics and agree there are some lovely ones (and natural funny ones too). Plus I wanted to say the poses were good and varied whilst being appropriate still. So thanks from us. And looking forward to working with you.

Allyson and Ian

Maria says

Hi Tina and Nick, i woke up this morning thinking about you both.you are realy good people and i am very glad to have meet you Hope i can work with you very soon.as i told you i want my portfolio with you and showreel. Now can you tell me if i have to set my profile on line with you or not.if you can tell me something feel free to text me.i'm realy excited about how my life can change with people like you.i thank tina for all the compliments about me and tell that she is very beautiful inside as she is outside.she has a beautiful heart.i feel very touch about you accepting that disable girl.God bless you and your business.thanks a lot. Maria

Maxine says

Hi Tina, Alfie had a great day yesterday I haven't seen him yet as he's staying at he's dads a few days but was full of beans on the phone when I spoke to him, he learnt a lot yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed himself thank you very much!

Look forward to receiving your proposal tomorrow.

Best Regards


Naomi says

I am so grateful and happy that I attended yesterday, it has really focused me and made me realise that I am truly heading towards where I want to be.

Can't wait to get going!

Thanks again,

Naomi xx

Aimee says

Hello Tina, it's Aimee, just letting you know we got home safely, thank you for today, I really did enjoy everything and thanks for everything you're doing for me, I can't thank you and Nick enough x

Jamie says

I just saw the showreel omg thank you so much I love it!

Monique says

Hi Tina! So good to meet you I enjoyed the workshop a real eye opener! Okay looking forward to taking it to the next level and hearing your proposal 🙂 Monique xxx

Luma says

Thank you Tina, the worshop was really good and I cannot wait for the next step to come 🙂 talk to you soon! Luma x

Christina says

Great day with Nick &Tina ,many thanks for the lovely photoshooting 🙂 you guys are amazing. Thank you for everything. Xxx

Julian says

Hi Tina, hope you are well. I just wanted to say thank you for tuesday. It was such a fantastic day, I really enjoyed myself & what I saw of the shots I was really impressed with. I look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂 x

Kirsty says

Still buzzing after Tuesday! Thank you for a great day and a valuable experience, looking forward to seeing the photos! Hope you are well! xxx

Stacey says

Another great day with the BDiscovered team !!! Thank you Nick & Tina for a fantastic film and photoshoot today along with your great advice and guidance . Think I'm ready to take this career of mine to the next level and focus on what I really want to be !!!!

Kelly says

Hi Tina. Just wanted to say thankyou to you and Nick once again for the amazing experiance today. I enjoyed every second of it and cant wait to look at the photos. I also wanted to let you know I am back safe and sound. Thankyou again and looking forwards to progressing in the future along side Bediscovered xx

Cate says

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for yesterday. I am so grateful to you. I feel like I have been 'enlightened'. Our time together was so valuable and you have made me realise where I may have been going wrong for the last year or so!!!!

Thank you so, so much! I am very excited to be working with you all, and I very much look forward to what the future may hold for us.

Kind Regards


Maria says

I've just watched my showreel and I absolutely loved it.

Maria says

Hi Tina & Nick,

I looked at my pictures 2day & they're amazing. They turned out so much better than I ever anticipated.

Thank you.

Speak 2 U both soon.

Indie and Mariska says

Hi Tina, Mariska and I wanted to say thank u so much to both you and Nick for such a wonderful day. Mariska loved every minute of it. The photos are beyond what we expected. They are of a very high quality and standard, and we love them. Chat soon. Indiexx

Nigel says

Just had an amazing day last Saturday at the Stunt Workshop.Learnt loads - how to forward roll,backward roll,trampolining,working with crash mats,falling through tables & jumping through windows.
Absolutely awesome. Value for money.So much gained from it.Leaves you in good stead even with Basic Skills for performing in tv, film..etc..
Great tutors,good company.
A pleasure to be part of such a wonderful team & Tina & Nick are so great & make you feel really welcome.

Samantha says

Tina is a fab lady who is full of positivity and always a joy to work with, I look forward to working with her again soon.