Talent Terms

BDiscovered Talent Terms
‘BDiscovered’ refers to the BDiscovered Talent Agency.
‘The Talent’ refers to any Talent/actor/dancer/model/singer/presenter that is represented by the BDiscovered Talent Agency.
‘The Company’ refers to any production company including but not exclusive to TV, Film, Commercial Theatre and Stage, or any Advertising Agency, Photographer, Music Producers, Record Labels or any Event or Venue contracting the services of The Talent.
Acceptance of a Production Contract from BDiscovered is seen as confirmation that the Talent has accepted and will abide by these terms.
1. BDiscovered is a non exclusive agency and will allow any talent to have other agents to represent them, but The talent accepts that they may be removed from the BDiscovered book if the agency deems the amount of agents known to be representing The Talent form a ‘conflict of interest’.
2. There is no set contract length between BDiscovered and The Talent, and either party may cancel the contract at any time in written form via email when the Talent is not committed to  a production contract negotiated by BDiscovered. During the first 30 days of the contract between the talent and BDiscovered, the work-seeker shall be entitled without penalty to cancel or withdraw from any contract. After this time, the Talent agrees to honour any pre-booked auditions and/or production agreements before ending their contract with BDiscovered. For the avoidance of doubt this means that the Talent cannot cancel the contract with BDiscovered during the term of a production contract negotiated by BDiscovered for any reason whatsoever including but not exclusive to withholding the agency commission from BDiscovered. This will be regarded as a breach of contract and will be subject to legal remedy.
3. BDiscovered will promote The Talent for screen roles ranging from Background to Lead roles in Television, Film & Commercials, as well as Theatre Productions and Modelling Roles, based on the information, images and relevant media provided by The Talent on  their Spotlight profile.
4. If The Talent is a current member of Spotlight the Talent must have BDiscovered Talent Agent showing on their profile as an agent. If BDiscovered is found to be not showing on The Talent’s Spotlight profile, including being ‘hidden from view’, The Talent may be removed from the BDiscovered book immediately.
5. As a Spotlight member, The Talent will be set to Nudge via the Spotlight Link, which means you can click the Nudge button for the roles you see (a performer sees approximately 10 - 15% of all Spotlight jobs) and BDiscovered will cast you for the other jobs that you are suitable for. If BDiscovered negotiates the production contract the fee is due to BDiscovered regardless of who submitted the Talent for the role on Spotlight. For any roles that have fees too low to offer the agency commission, all further contact and pursuance will be passed over to the Talent after an audition has been booked for them.
6. The Talent accepts that the Spotlight Nudge facility may be removed if BDiscovered deems The Talent to be abusing the facility by Nudging for roles that they quite obviously do not fit. The Talent is responsible for reading the breakdowns fully before nudging.
7. If The Talent does not renew their Spotlight membership, The Talent may be removed from the BDiscovered book if the agency deems The Talent’s promotional prospects to have dropped below a minimum level as a consequence.
8. It is The Talent’s responsibility to ensure that their Spotlight profile is kept updated.
9. Photos are essential tools to promote you and will need to be updated every 6-12 months, unless sufficient new material arise from your projects. Talent will be required to showcase carefully selected photos on Spotlight. These photos can be obtained through BDiscovered or any other reputable provider.
10. Show reels are the essential tools in promoting you to casting directors, producers and directors. If you haven’t already got screen footage, you will need to film a monologue(s) showcasing your emotional range to camera. Talent will be required to showcase their show reel on Spotlight.This showreel can be obtained through BDiscovered or any other reputable provider.
11. Voice reels are essential tools if you speak several languages or accents. You need voice clips for each language including English with your diversity of accents of the languages. Talent will be required to showcase their voice reel on Spotlight. This voice reel can be obtained through BDiscovered or any other reputable provider.
12.Personal websites are not essential when starting out, but as you become more experienced they do provide a central location to give the casting industry and the public more information about you and your skills/experiences. This website can be obtained through BDiscovered or any other reputable provider.
13. The Talent will keep BDiscovered informed by email of any non available dates, including those pre planned months in advance, such as holidays, excursions and events.
14. The Talent will be deemed as available for next day auditions in London or the closest major audition city unless they have said they are not available in advance. The Talent may be removed from the BDiscovered book if the agency deems The Talent’s availability is below an acceptable level to attain work.
15. If an audition is obtained for The Talent based on their availability shown, The Talent will be required to respond immediately to BDiscovered and confirm or decline the audition in time for BDiscovered to give a timely response to the relevant people. Repeated lack of audition attendance may result in instant removal from the BDiscovered book.
16. The Talent is solely responsible for arriving on time to an audition by planning in advance their route, transport means and travelling time. Good communication is critical in the event of late trains, traffic jams and other familiar delays causing late attendance or cancellation. Failure to communicate with BDiscovered about these issues in time to notify the relevant people may result in instant removal from the BDiscovered book.
17. BDiscovered will deduct 10% Commission from the total of all fees payable to The Talent for TV, Film  and 20% Theatre/Stage roles and 20% for Commercial, Still Photography, Internet and Modelling roles, unless a different rate is specified before the Talent commences production. This commision if for arranging castings and auditions and finding work with hirers/employers and is non-refundable. If the Talent is paid in kind BDiscovered reserves the right to invoice the Talent for the relevant percentage of the market value of the goods received.
BDiscovered is authorised to receive money on behalf of workers from hirers (i.e. casting companies)
18. Generally BDiscovered will be paid directly by the Company that The Talent has worked for within 30 days of the job termination and once paid BDiscovered will immediately pay the Talent their pay minus the agreed Commission by bank transfer. From time to time, especially with overseas work and longer term contracts, The Talent may be paid directly by the Company, in this event BDiscovered will invoice the Talent for the Commission due on each payment to The Talent. This invoice will be due for immediate payment by The Talent. Lack of payment to BDiscovered will be regarded as a breach of contract and will be subject to legal remedy.
19. From time to time The Company may delay payment in which case BDiscovered will take whatever action it deems appropriate in order to recover the outstanding invoice. BDiscovered reserves the right to deduct any expenses incurred during recovery from The Talent.
20. The Talent will inform BDiscovered immediately of any issues or difficulties that arise during the production which may lead to a dispute of any type, including but not exclusive to payment of  The Talent by The Company. BDiscovered will if required, negotiate with the Company for the Talent's best interests. Any dissatisfaction with BDiscovered as an agency during its negotiations of any difficulty during a production contract needs to be negotiated in good faith between the Talent and BDiscovered to reach a mutual agreement for the duration of the production contract to maintain Term 2.  If a dispute arises BDiscovered reserves the right to deduct any fees and costs incurred while resolving this dispute from the final payment to the Talent.
21. The Talent agrees that the Talent is solely responsible for complying with any laws, taxes and tariffs applicable, and will hold harmless, protect, indemnify and defend BDiscovered from any claim, penalty, tax, fine, or tariff arising from the Talent’s failure to comply with any such laws taxes and tariffs.
22. The Talent is responsible for fulfilling all of the terms of The Company's contract, failure to do so will result in the appropriate action being taken by BDiscovered and The Company.
23. BDiscovered does not warrant that the skills and ability of the Talent will be suitable for the role or the production. Although BDiscovered only uses staff of the highest quality, generally we not able to verify all of the skills listed on the Talents CV and so responsibility of assessing these talents lies completely with The Company as part of the audition and call back process.  Therefore, the entire risk of the performance, skills and ability of the Talent is with the Company. In no event will BDiscovered be liable to the Company or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the Talent's performance or inability to perform as these are circumstances that are beyond our control.
24. BDiscovered has the right to amend the ‘Talent Terms’ at any time.
25. BDiscovered is part of the NTH trading group which includes this performing agency http://www.bdiscovered.net/ and our model agency http://www.modeladvice.direct/ All payments by talent and hiring companies are made to the NTH trading group.

Experienced Performers with at least 4 professional featured speaking roles or Industry standard training can join Spotlight with BDiscovered as the agency and BDiscovered can use this Spotlight profile to submit these performers for a large number of agent only roles through Spotlight.