What work and castings do we have to offer?

We have a wide variety of work including but not limited to, stage, TV, Film, commercials, modelling, voice over work, corporate work, musical performance and a lot more. 80-90 top end castings per day with an average pay rate of £250-£500 per day.

Who works for BDiscovered?

We have a tight team of  creative and capable people who are here to assist you and answers questions as we have a personable approach to all of artists and the staff the personal touch and putting you forward for the castings that you are suited for.

Why is your website laid out the way it is?

Our website is designed to give a thorough break down of the services we offer and how our company works without giving away to much to the competition or disclosing confidential industry knowledge which we are under contract to not disclose.

A lot of what goes on at the top end of the industry is confidential and only a certain amount can be disclosed.

Why are there reviews on our company?

We have many opportunities and 80-90 top end castings per day with an average pay rate of £250-£500 per day. In regards to the reviews you have read, these are put up by rival agents and photographers, we are very aggressive in the market place placing a lot of people in work and our competitors are understandably upset.  here is a précis of the usual reviews such as NotaPushyMum, which is generated by a competitive agency, then there is Reddit talking about how we must be fake as we are called BDiscovered !!!! the name was initiated due to working with young clients we work with all ages and backgrounds now. Also a thread written by a self appointed expert who has never met or worked with us on Casting Call Pro. All businesses have negative reviews and it is largely due to our aggressiveness in the industry and a large number of the reviews are by industry 'scam artists' we warn people against working with.

Do you have a company registration number?

We do not have a company registration number as we are not a Limited company. All the information you need is available on the website, we are a registered Spotlight Agency.

Do you take an agency fee?

We do NOT take agency fees as they are illegal.

What are your terms and contract?

Please see our Talent Terms

What does the workshop day include?

The workshop day is a personalised experience which is based around planning out a unique career strategy around how you can get ahead in the industry, for artists who wish to develop a more personal relationship. We work on a personal basis with artists for the long term to help them get ahead in the industry.  Tina and Nick the founders were once artists themselves and work to ensure things work on a personalised basis and understand the industry from the artists viewpoint.

Is there a workshop fee?

There is NO WORKSHOP FEE, but the workshop is BY INVITATION ONLY. We take 10% from the work we place artists in and most importantly, we make money when you do! Tina and Nick have been in the industry for 20+ years and understand the industry from an artists perspective unlike most agencies who are only business people.